Our Mission and Purpose


To provide equipment and develop activities to expose our clients to the wonders of nature. We provide weekend watercraft rental from the Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area, Lawrence County, Ohio.  The “fleet” can also be booked for special excursions, group outings, parties, etc. (based on availability)


What is included?

Kayak, paddle boat


Personal Flotation Devise (PDF) May use your own if USCG approved

For your safety, PFD REQUIRED!




When/Where are boats?


The Lake Vesuvius boat ramp is located north of Ironton, Ohio just off of State Route 93.  In addition to the public boat launch, Wayne National Forest offers camping, hiking, horse and atv trails. Hotels/motels are available in the Ironton, Ohio and Ashland, Kentucky areas. During kayak season our website will advise days/times that we will be set up at the Lake.


Kayaks can be reserved for special events, parties, excursions by special arraignment.


What kind of boat can I rent?


KKLLC has a variety of boats.

“Solo” kayaks are great for covering ground and seeing all or most of the lake.

“Tandems” allow you to save a little money and share the ride with a partner.

“Paddle” boats are yet another money saver as you can seat 4 people (2 paddlers)


What do I need to bring?


Picture I.D

Acceptable forms of I.D. include driver’s license, military I.D., passports, school                                      

I.D. (with photo), or copies of birth certificates or social security cards for children.                                          

If possible a copy of the liability waiver (posted on our website)

Quick dry clothing, change of clothes, towel.

Swimwear (wear under clothes)

River shoes, sandals.  (The safest way to enter/exit a kayak is to walk into the shallow water)

Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm

Dry bag or waterproof box. We will not be responsible for damage to your personal items (ie. camera,wallet)


I am a Greenhorn. Can I get help?


Certainly! However, at this point we are not offering actual training but will gladly answer your questions to the best of our ability. We will assist you in entering/exiting the boat but assume no liability in doing so.


I am a MINOR


You can use one of our boats but a parent or legal guardian must take full responsibility for you and your actions. A liability waiver must be signed in the presence of our representative. “No person under 12 years of age shall operate any vessel unless under the direct visual and audible supervision of a person who is 18 years of age or older”.  (ODNR Ohio Boat Operators Guide page 30)


Can I bring my dog?


Some of the kayaks have room for a small child or dog. We will not block you from taking him/her but do not recommend it, especially in the case of a rookie paddler.

The “renter” assumes ALL responsibility


What if I damage a boat, PDF, or paddle?


If damage occurs as a result of misuse (as determined by KKLLC) you will be responsible.                              Client will be accessed replacement cost for “new” unit.  Dragging a boat, especially on                                    pavement drastically shortens its useful life. Our fleet has been carefully selected to                                      provide a quality experience. Please help us keep it in good shape.


Can I fish?


Sure! You can fish from any of our kayaks. Additionally our fleet includes several models that are specifically designed for fishing. It is your responsibility to follow rules, regulations, and licensing for the area that you intend to fish.


Do I have to wear a life jacket (PFD)?


 Yes! Yes! Yes!


I have a medical issue or physical handicap.


KKLCC is not equipped beyond basic first aid/cpr. If you have any medical conditions (ie. diabetes, allergies, etc.) please notify us. Some handicaps may require you to be assisted by YOUR OWN personal caregiver.


What does a rental cost?


Current rates are posted on our website



Kountry Kayaks, LLC located at Lake Vesuvius, and Wayne National Forests under special use permit from the Forest Service, USDA.